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The objective of this study is to determine the background of victim, and actor of sexual abuse, the psychological impact towards victim of sexual abuse and various aggressive behavior elicited as the impact sexual abuse towards victim. Sexual abuse as defined as any behavior was done to other to force sexual se which cause physical and psychological injured. Sexual abuse toward childrencan cause sudden, changes on behavior for instance, hapynes to depression or hostility, exstrims behavior, reggresive behavior, avoidance behavior withdrawl, depression without specific cause, excessive anxiety genital injured.
Subject of this study is a two year a girl, how is victim of sexual abuse. Supporting subject of this study are a ten year old boy, which is the actor of sexual abuse, the mother of the actor of sexual abuse, and the mother of the victim. Qualitative chase study approach was used in the study.
The result of the study shows that the actor of sexual abuse cames from less harmony family (broken home), authoritarian child-rearing practices, and previous experiences as victim of sexual abuse. Victim of sexual abuse cames from family with lack of attention and the control toward children. Sexual abuse influences the development of children psychologically (emotionally, and social), sexual abuse physical aggressive behavior.

Keyword: Sexual abuse, aggressive behavior, child.


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